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Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing?

Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing? Where can you find evidence to inform your thoughts and scholarly writing? Throughout your degree program, you will use research literature to explore ideas, guide your thinking, and gain new insights. As you search the research literature, it is important to use resources […]


NetworkingBUS 624 Week 3 Discussion 2

Networking is a critical part of managing your career and like everything else related to your career, it must be done intentionally and strategically. Oftentimes we don’t consider networking until we need a new job and it is easy to appear desperate at that point. By building up your network before you actually need it, you are creating a safety net for yourself, minimizing the chances of needing to aggressively hit the job boards, and improving the odds of new opportunities actually finding you.


Food Service and Hospitality Strategic Marketing

There are a number of specific issues surrounding the marketing of products, especially as it concerns the food and beverage industry. For this assignment you will select a specific issue from one of the topics provided below. You will complete a 5 to 7-page research paper on the topic. The paper will be submitted to me through the assignment. The details and specifics of the assignment are as described below.


e-Government standards and practices in the US

An introduction section that defines your topic, and describes why this issue is important. This section must include your Thesis Statement, which expresses the topic of your paper in the form of a one sentence statement.


Job Description and Justification

As the HR manager for a large healthcare organization, you have been asked to design a new position for an individual contributor, nonclinical department such as Billing, Admitting, or HR. The job should be entry-midlevel and one appropriate for someone with a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration.


Operations system

Prompt: Design an operations system for an athletic apparel manufacturer

o Requirements: A 1,250-word minimum, APA compliant paper that includes the following sections as a minimum:


The media and audience research

Students must use academic referencing and a bibliography in this essay (see the Postgraduate Student Handbook for more information and guidance on Referencing and Academic Honesty). The content includes introduction, main paragraph, case studies (examples), conclusion. I will provide relevant literatures and some information for the essay.


How to quit smoking

All I need is a double-spaced process essay about how to quit smoking no less than 5 paragraphs or more than 2 pages. And please don’t use any sources.


Health history assessment

Was the person willing to share the information? If they were not, what did you do to encourage them?
Was there any part of the interview that was more challenging? If so, what part and how did you deal with it?
How comfortable were you taking a health history?


A Film response on Gladiator

§ Based on the movie, how would you describe society at the time the film takes place? How “civilized” is it compared to previous periods and regions? Consider men and women and elite and commoners.