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a manufacturing organization

Question 3

minimum of 5 pages not including your introduction, abstract, and reference page. A minimum of 3 authoritative sources is required

Begin this project by picking a manufacturing organization that produces products you are familiar with at your place of work or have an interest in. Start your essay with a brief description of the company, its core products/services. Once you have this initial section completed, carefully review and expand on the five points below that, you are to cover in this project.

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Research and describe in some detail:

1. The field of competition and what you can find in the internet regarding their position among competitors

2. Describe the basic manufacturing process and what you can find or assume to be the flow of materials through the value-added chain.

3. Research and then describe the challenges to scheduling these products through the manufacturing process

4. Research and describe how Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and advanced technology is employed in producing this product or products

5. Does this company’s technology provide a competitive advantage over closest rivals? If so, how?

Requirements: .doc file

Answer preview

Nestle Inc is a Swiss-based company that manufactures a variety of food products. The nutrition health and wellness company is involved in milk-based products, prepared dishes, cooking aids, baby foods, and pharmaceutical goods. Founded in 1867 by Henri Nestle, the company to sell condensed milk, the company has developed to be the world’s largest company in producing diversified food and beverages (Nestle, n.d.). Some of Nestle’s most common brands include Nescafe, Milo, and Nespresso. The Kit Kat chocolate is one of the most important products manufactured in more than 50 factories worldwide. The company creates a competitive advantage in the market through product differentiation achieved through innovation. Each of the company’s core brands has an operation in different parts of the world. Nestle Inc’s operations include both production and marketing of the products and hence utilize a wide range of competencies than key competitors. Manufacturing efforts in Nestle involve converting raw materials from animal and plant products into products that are safe and nutritious to the consumers. Investment within the manufacturing operations is focused on reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for improvement of efficiency.