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A Patient-Driven Adaptive Prediction Technique

topic 555 dq 111

The authors of the assigned article, “A Patient-Driven Adaptive Prediction Technique to Improve Personalized Risk Estimation for Clinical Decision Support” have found that using patient-driven, adaptive technologies to guide clinical decision making are influencing the quality of patient care. How might these technologies minimize risk, promote health, and encourage patient engagement in their own care?

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            The healthcare sector is faced with complex decision making and issues in information clarification for patient care. However, due to innovative technologies, electronic health systems have been improved to reduce risk, promote health, and encourage patient self-care (Jiang, 2012). The patient-driven adaptive techniques can minimize risk in a hospital by estimating the individual threats for each patient based on their samples, parameters, and accurate information. These technologies utilize patient data sources for clinical interpretation of the future health status of a patient and detect early any potential adverse health events. From this database, the healthcare professional team will employ the best strategies to prevent health deterioration.(357words)

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