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Accreditation services

In 300- words

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An increasing number of nonprofit organizations are seeking accreditation from an outside source to demonstrate best practices to their stakeholders. In 300 words, identify one key organization providing accreditation services to nonprofits and evaluate whether or not its accreditation matters in terms of demonstrating best practices


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Worth, M. J. (2017). Nonprofit management: Principles and practices (4th ed.). Retrieved from


Chapter 8: Collaborations, Partnerships, and Mergers


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Strategic planning is an essential process in for-profit or nonprofit organizations. By focusing on nonprofit organizations, many leaders understand the need for strategic planning since it influences capacity building and strategic performance (Worth, 2017). These leaders have a mandate of formulating strategies and identify tools or resources that can help the organization meet its goals. Careful planning, collaboration, and communication are crucial factors that stakeholders are expected to demonstrate during the formulation of a strategic plan. A strategic plan is of significant value, considering that it enables leaders to plan appropriately through critical decision-making. Still, through the plan, the management outlines ways of enhancing marketing and fundraising initiatives.(330words)