Adlerian Principles Synchronous

Adlerian Principles Synchronous

Part 1

View the video resource from Dr. Jay Colker and related resource material.Then, respond to the following prompts:

  • Identify the main ideas presented in the resources.
  • Combine these Adlerian ideas and principles with established applied psychology approaches and your existing personal value systems and social engagements. What would this look like within an organization, group or system?

Part 2

After completing the synchronous session, reflect and create a 5-minute presentation responding to the prompts below.The presentation should contain 7-10 supporting slides.

Defend the value of developing ethical practices within groups, communities, and public and private sector systems.


  • Outline the Adlerian principles that aid in creating a core value system for ethical practice within organizations and systems.
  • Identify Adlerian action planning methodology that can optimize organizational engagement, ethical practice, social responsibility, and effectiveness from a personal and professional value system approach.
  • Identify the Adlerian perspective of social responsibility and how it is connected to the field of Applied Psychology. Explain the connections.

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One of the main ideas presented is the concept of Adlerian therapy, which was developed by Alfred Adler. Adler was an Australian citizen born in 1870. He experienced a long period of sickness during his childhood and witnessed his brother’s death, making him want to study medicine (Samaroo, 2020). Adrelian therapy is a goal-oriented, short-term, and positively inclined psychodynamic therapy based on feelings of superiority versus inferiority, a sense of belonging in one’s community, and discouragement. In short, Adlerian therapy’s concept mainly focuses on the development and enhancement of individual personality and at the same time accepting and understanding the interconnectedness of all human beings in a community. Another idea that is presented is when Adlerian therapy is used. Adlerian therapy is used in the successful treatment of some mental illnesses and psychological disorders. However, it can be employed with other existing therapeutic approaches like art therapy and play therapy to adults, children, couples, and individuals, among other groups. Adlerian psychology has seven principles, which are Holism, Social Beings, Feeling of Community, Goal Orientation, Created Final Goal, Lifestyle, and Private Logic. Finally, it can be noted that Adlerian therapy progresses through four main stages, which are engagement, assessment, insight, and reorientation.