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American culture experience

For your Final Exam, you will be exploring the many issues we have been engaging in the second half of the course.  You will be discussing American Culture in terms of the final two chapters of the textbook: Chapter 9 “The Spread of Freedom” and Chapter 10 “The Transmission of American Culture”, as well as the documentaries from the last four weeks of class.  Clearly the cultural and political environment within the United States has a great impact on what happens in the rest of the world, both in terms of concerns over the foreign policy and dominance of cultural forms produced and exported.  For this final paper, you will be addressing the pros and cons of American society and culture, and their impact on the rest of the world.  In what ways might the U.S. represent both a promise and peril, domestically and internationally?  How might the American lifestyle offer beneficial and detrimental models for emerging nations?  What do you think of as “our” most positive and negative attribute?


You will be considering several important themes over the last few weeks in class, including media and war, the effects of Capitalism on individuals and communities, Public Relations and advertising.  All of these are deeply significant to how we view ourselves individually and collectively, and how we are seen throughout the world.  Your focus should be on the complex ways in which the American Cultural Experience serves as a catalyst for both progressive and regressive tendencies within and outside the United States.

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The American culture has always stood up both domestically and internationally because of many reasons. The political, social, and cultural environment of America has influenced various global activities in one way or the other. Distinct advantages and disadvantages of the American culture and society have been reinstated and argued by different researchers. Although, there are various means in which the US uses to represent promises and peril domestically and internationally. Again, the American lifestyle across the globe has proven to be influential in offering detrimental and beneficial models for emerging countries. American culture has both negative and positive attributes. In the book “America Cultural Studies: An Introduction to American Culture” (2016), the authors have shared significant themes on the American culture. Therefore, this research paper will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of the American culture and society and their impact both internationally and domestically. (1532 words)