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Analysis and Comparison of 10k Reports

At Least 250 Words- Cite Sources

Both companies have a BBB debt rating from Standard & Poor’s. This is the lowest investment grade rating and indicates that both companies have been aggressive with growth, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.

  • Discuss the differences in strategy related to business growth, finance, and Treasury Stock purchases.
  • Compare and discuss latest 10K reports
  • Discuss the similarities in strategy.
  • Discuss any strategy recommendations for Choice Hotels’ management.

Choice Hotels SEC Filings (10k)

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Marriott International SEC Filings (10K)

Answer preview

The two organizations have adopted different strategies for business growth, finance, and Treasury stock purchases. Choice Hotels International Inc uses the following strategy for business growth. First, the company maximizes the effectiveness of consistency in brands, system reservations, and company loyalty programs, to reach more customers. Secondly, by delivering exceptional services, through the use of field staff, education, and training to franchisee, revenue management technology helps it build company trust by customers (Choice Hotels SEC Filings, 2020). Marriott International Inc. uses strategy such as the creation of sustainable social impact, which will improve the company’s reputation and attract more customers. Also, loyalty rewarding to the customer by the company by giving free access to hotel services helps to secure the company position in the market and hence its growth (Marriott International SEC Filings, 2020).(499 words)