Analyzing a political cartoon

analyze a political cartoon and explain what it is arguing

Find a recent (this past month) political cartoon and analyze the argument it is trying to make, and the rhetoric it is using to make it.

  • What is this cartoon implying?
  • What is the goal?
  • How is it trying to be persuasive?
  • Is it a persuasive cartoon? Why or why not?

Include the image or a link to it in your response.

Response needs to be in MLA format (Proper heading, title, and double spaced equally throughout) and be at least 1000 words.

You can use any picture from:

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A cartoon is a drawing that exaggeratedly depicts its subjects. Cartoons are funny, and they present information in a satirical manner. Cartoons are of different types such as comics strips, political cartoons, illustrative, and gag cartoons, among others. These various forms of cartoons serve different audiences and purposes. According to Christiana (1), political cartoons are confrontational, and their goal is to elicit reactions from viewers. Aside from eliciting reactions, cartoons persuade people to adopt a particular perspective on issues of public interest. The cartoon on reopening the US economy amid the covid19 pandemic serves to convince Americans that opening the economy can be disastrous.(1104 words)