Anticoagulation therapy

Please review the Grand Rounds video below. After watching both guest speakers, please submit a response addressing the various options for anticoagulation therapy for patients diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Also, please discuss the criteria for anticoagulation therapy, and how one might choose which drug to use in one’s practice.

references need to be <5 years old peer reviewed


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Of significance is noting that physicians must determine the criteria to use when choosing the anticoagulation therapy for diverse patients. In this case, factors to consider are the patients’ age, bleeding history or risks, financial abilities, comorbid diseases, preferences, body weight, renal dysfunction, and approval permits. Notably, when choosing the drugs, patients with vulvar heart disease have a high risk of bleeding and developing thromboembolic disease due to the administration of warfarin (Millar & Laffan, 2017). Therefore, they deserve medication that lowers these risks. Furthermore, the physician should consider the lifelong changes and dangers

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Anticoagulation therapy