Anxiety disorder

  • Week 6 This week’s class discussion is on chapters 8-10 in the attached textbook and article. Please do the same thing for Week 7 except week 7 discussions is on chapter 11-12, Please write up week 6 and week 7 on different pages no cover sheet is needed just cite and attach links to each article for each week
  • Find a recent news article (2015 or newer) that relates to the content discussed in that week’s class. You have broad discretion in choosing this article. The important part is that the article is, in some way, related to the week’s content.
  • In a few sentences, provide a brief summary of the article (the key points, particularly those that you find relevant to the week’s content).
  • Describe how the article is related to the week’s content.
  • Describe what new conclusions, insights, or understanding you have about the article after considering it within the context of what we learned this week. This is the most important part of the assignment – the goal here is to integrate what you learned this week into the way you are thinking about this article to come up with new insights or understanding that you wouldn’t have had before understanding this material.

Requirements: 1 page

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The news article titled “understanding symptoms of Schizophrenia” describes the various causes and symptoms of this condition and the available treatment measures (Newman, 2020). It also gives an overview of Schizophrenia disorder which is relevant to our week seven topic of discussion in chapter 11 (Dziegielewski & Leon, 2010). Some of the treatment options explained in this article include the use of antipsychotic drugs, counseling, and coordinated specialty care. This gives more understanding of the interventions for clients suffering from psychosis, as discussed in the class chapter. Each client’s needs should be considered when exposing them to different treatment options. Although, most health care experts argue that medication is an important component for patients with Schizophrenia disorders.

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Anxiety disorder