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Article Reframing


PHL1010 Article Reframing

For this assignment, you are to choose any article written within the last month, and consider how certain words and tone are utilized to direct your opinion.

In one to three brief paragraphs, identify any biases or fallacies you detect and any words the author uses to impart a certain message. What words or phrases could you replace to change the reader’s opinion? APA is not required, but remember to provide the title, date, and source of your chosen article.

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Answer preview

Article framing is a concept used to ascertain biases and fallacies in media articles, blogs, or books that authors use to drive a specified message to the audience. There are specific concepts that are used in article framing. The concepts include analytical thinking, appeal to popularity, subjectivist fallacy, relativist, red herring, and straw men fallacy. An article from The New York Times was chosen to discuss article framing. The title of the article is “Bernie Sanders Scares a Lot of People, and Quite a Few of Them Are Democrats: What Happens if He’s the Nominee in 2020?” This article was authored by a New York Times political columnist Edsall B. Thomas on 24th April 2020. The columnist has used several words and specific tones to direct the conveyed political opinion. For that reason, this brief paper will discuss the above-stated article to identify any fallacies and biases on the words that the author has used to impart an opinion.(697 words)