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Artificial Intelligence In construction

Architectural Essay: Artificial Intelligence In construction

It will be an essay about how artificial intelligence it will be influencing construction and how it will be helping to develop more efficient buildings, in addition what will be the social impact of using robots to construct buildings. How many jobs will be lost and gained. What different design approach architects could take with the help of the technology. must take a critical perspective in the essay in order to formulate an opinion about the topic. Explain what might happen in the future with the development of the mix of construction and artificial intelligence

The essay must contain 3,000 words on APA format please look at the syllabus it would be the 2. research paper


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HI this is an abstract that they told us to write, I also put the comment bellow feel free to change it, they are open about it

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Artificial intelligence (A1) can be understood to mean replicating human intelligence into appliances and machines designed to perceive and carry out things just like humans. (Wang, 2019) Artificial intelligence employs such technological machines and devices in carrying out various tasks, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. This execution of tasks is enabled because artificial intelligence applies the best-suited mechanisms to achieve its targets. In the present times, the majority, if not all, of the different sectors and industries apply artificial intelligence at one time or another. Construction is one of the industries which are facing rapid digitization and increased use of technology. Even though artificial intelligence in construction is still a new technology and has not yet been so widely used, it is thought to have great potential to experience increased growth and development over the coming years. For instance, commentators in the global technology sector predict that artificial intelligence in construction will have reached USD 4.5 billion by 2026.