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How did the Aztecs both build on the achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures and develop new traditions to create their large empire?

Topic: How did the Aztecs both build on the achievements of earlier Mesoamerican cultures and develop new traditions to create their large empire?

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From a historical perspective, numerous eras have witnessed the emergence of extensive and robust empires that exerted immense influence on the trajectory of life within and even after the period of their existence. One such realm that has attracted significant interest from historians is the Aztec empire. Similarly, some geographical places have attained historical significance because they played host to a group or tribe and that they continue to symbolize influential cultures that shaped people’s ways of doing things. In conversations appertaining to the empire of the Aztecs, Mesoamerica consistently features owing to its influence in shaping the Aztec empire.[1] This paper asserts that Mesoamerican cultures formed the foundation upon which the Aztecs based their early practices while simultaneously creating new traditions to build their extensive empire.

[1] Robert M. Carmack, Janine L. Gasco, and Gary H. Gossen, The Legacy of Mesoamerica: History and Culture of a Native American Civilization (Routledge, 2016), 1.(1634 words)