Box Case Studies

Discussion Post Precision Performance and Box Case Studies Discussion Topic


In preparation for this discussion, read Chapter 5 in your textbook and review the Harvard Business Review case study “Box: The Evolution of Management Practices in a Start-Up.”


Then, based on what you provided in the Module Two discussion question, share your response to the following question:

-What lessons did you learn from the Box case study that you could apply to the Precision case study? (The case study “Appraising Performance at Precision” can be found in Chapter 3 of your textbook.)

so what it is asking is to answer to part 3 questions (Pasted below) with the case study “the evolution of management practices” (sorry i included but told you to exclude so i have attached the correct case study)

basically reading “the evolution” case study WHAT LESSONS DID YOU LEARN and how you could apply to the Precision case study (in previous module i put responses on word document).

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An important lesson learned from the Box case study is the importance of valuing employees and awarding them accordingly. According to Case HR43 (2015), developing a compensation program that awards talented employees with lucrative packages is an effective strategy that helps an organization stay competitive in the market. Furthermore, this encourages executives to adopt ethical behavior when developing fair practices during the compensation processes. I have realized that to achieve this, the initial step should be hiring the right team of talented individuals to promote organizational success. Further, Case HR43 (2015) reveals that developing a benefits plan, which is both performance-based and promotion-based, enhances good people’s management.(382words)