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Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Capstone process paper for breast cancer

Breast cancer process paper which needs to be written in word document using the APA format with medical diagnosis pathophysiology, nursing process etc. It is going to put into the turninit which will check for plagiarism.

Rubrics for Process Paper

Write in a Word Document, using APA format (Adapted for T2/2020)

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Case presentation

·       Medical Diagnosis- (Pathophysiology of medical diagnosis including definition, signs & symptoms and treatment/diagnostic measures) cite your sources. Explain why this topic is important to you.

·       What are the Nursing Considerations for this medical diagnosis?

Nursing Process


·        What subjective or Objective data will be present with this type of patient?

·       Was there any particular aspect of your education that helped with this assessment decision? Explain why?



·        Develop Nursing diagnoses related to medical diagnoses (include primary physical, psychosocial and education nursing diagnosis). Why did you choose them for this patient?

·       How did care planning at Stratford help with this? Explain your response.



·       How would you plan your care for such a patient? Do you foresee any difficulties with planning when caring for this patient and what or how would it impact your care process?



·       What institutional resources played a factor in accomplishing your plan?

·       What are the Nursing Considerations for this medical diagnosis? (Are there particular aspects that should be monitored such as lab values or etc.?)

·       What are some tasks that could be delegated if any, for this type of patient? Talk about that decision).





·       Identify one best practice that could impact your care for this patient’s quality of care or patient’s safety.

·       What have you learned from choosing and presenting this medical diagnosis?



·       4-10 pages

·       Double-spaced with 1” margins

·       12-point font

·       Spelling and grammar correct

·       APA and references



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Breast cancer is a form of cancer that affects the breast. There are various types of breast cancer, and these types depend on the cells that become cancer. Su et al. (2017) say cancer can commence in any part of the breast, like in the ducts, lobules, and connective tissue. The lobule is grand, producing milk. Ducts are tubes carrying milk, while the connective tissue is the fibrous tissue that holds everything in place. Often, breast cancer starts in the lobules or ducts and then spreads to the rest of the breast, tough lymph and blood vessels.  Several symptoms signal breast cancer. Some of the symptoms are new limps in the armpit, irritating skin, swelling breast, unusual nipple discharge, pain in the breast, and paining nipple. People who have these signs should visit a doctor for a checkup.