Broad membership and deep cooperation of states

Essay about broad membership and deep cooperation of states

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Some treaties and international organizations have broad membership with many different states; others have few members. Under what conditions can international agreements be both broad in their membership and demand deep cooperation of states? Does the answer depend on the issue or problem being solved? Illustrate your argument with two example treaties / IOs from different issue areas (e.g. environmental, security, economic, human rights).



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“Some scholars argue that governments have a general propensity to comply with international agreements (Chayes & Chayes 1993). But this argument has two problems….”

“International cooperation is not always a good thing; sometimes countries coordinate in ways that create inefficient outcomes. For example, Blaydes (2004) argues that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is a cartel which coordinates to keep oil prices high.”

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International agreements are understandings that several countries make to address different purposes. The common types of international agreements are multilateral and bilateral. Whereas bilateral agreements are between two nations, multilateral agreements are between many countries. The motivation to enter multilateral agreements can be commercial purposes, security reasons, or the need to safeguard human rights. The ability of the multilateral organization to enforce policies agreed upon by the member organization depends on the level of cooperation between the member states. The cooperation between member states is, however, dependent on the creation of the multilateral organization. For instance, organizations that started with few memberships tend to have deep cooperation compared to those that started with many members. The ability of multilateral organizations to survive is dependent on the ability of the members to compromise some demands to appease other nations.(1683 words)