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Business Research

Unit 1 Writing Assignment – Business Research

Question 1

After completing the reading for Chapter 14 and the paper on Business Topics for Research Proposals, generate and refine research ideas and choose a suitable Business or Management research topic for this course.

Question 2
Based on the information in Chapter 2, identify the attributes of a good research topic. How will you turn your research idea into a research project that has a clear research question(s), aim and objectives?

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Requirements: .doc file | Other | 1 pages, Double spaced

reading for question 1…

Answer preview

A clear and straightforward research project allows the researcher to accomplish the research assignment given by the instructor. A clear research project saves the researcher’s time when collecting and analyzing data. In business research, the researcher may have multiple research ideas, but only one idea will become a research topic. It is beneficial to generate several research ideas before coming up with a research topic because it allows the researcher to think critically. Before formulating my research topic, I decided to review some past research projects and listed the following research ideas.