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Capitalism in the Arabian Gulf

Essay Paper

How does capitalism exist/thrive in the Arabian Gulf without democracy? This will be the title of the paper and will also will be the question we will try to answer.

In this essay there will be 3 major parts;

1. Talk about the background of the Arabian Gulf, and focus on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, And UAE. Their form of government & economy must be talked about here. And there should be not thesis.

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2. Then in the second part of the essay, you will have to write about what Marxist would say about this. UAE having fewer Islamic laws, and Saudi Arabia 2030 venison. And in Kuwait Marx looks like to favors democracy.

3. Last part should have a very soft claim like “does to some extent” and a conclusion + personal opinion.

This paper should be and intro to a longer paper in the same topic

This essay is a page and a half long (single spaced) APA format

Answer preview

Capitalism is both an economic and a political concept. It refers to the control of a country’s economic system by private entities rather than the government (Young, 2014). In such an order, the main driving point is profit and not public service. On the other hand, democracy is a system of governance where all persons take part in the governance affairs of a state (Al-Fahad, 2005). Participation in governance can either be direct, where the citizens are personally involved or through elected representatives that advocate for the citizens’ interests. Democracy creates an ideal environment for capitalism to thrive. However, the Arabian Gulf challenges this ideology. The lack of democracy has not been a hindrance to the prosperity of capitalism in the region.(1646words)