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 case analysis

Read case and write 6 to7 single space pages review

Please follow requirements carefully,

and must use tools for Dimond-E analysis (I will post useable tool after selecting)

and I will post all of the materials that could help you to write case analysis better.

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Please must use at least 60% of 4pa toolkit. To research each of tool detail, I uploaded e-text book.

each of tool you could use e-text to research and must make sure use 60% of all tool in this case analysis. Thank you

Answer preview

Strategic analysis is a crucial element in organizations. It provides insight into the current strategies applied in an organization, their effectiveness, and ways of modifying the strategy to meet the organization’s changing needs. One such company that requires strategic analysis is Little Short Stop Stores (LSSS), a convenience store located in Ontario. The convenience store has been in existence for about a century, and its significant strengths have been distributing tobacco and cigarettes. The convenience store has been handed down from the founders to the current owners, who are the grandchildren of the founder, Alfred Arnold Sr. Presently, there is no person in the family from the present generation who is keen on taking the company forward.  The company has carved a niche for itself in the convenience stores, and the company has been recording good performance. Despite slowing sales due to declining uptake of cigarettes because of health concerns, LSS is still performing exceptionally. Even though the company has been recording positive performance, the changing environment occasioned by an increasing millennial population requires the company to innovate to tap into this population.