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Need assistance with creating a national-level, single-issue interest group that is focused on one specific area of either domestic or foreign policy.

The project will be presented in PowerPoint, and the presentation should include the information below.

  • Discuss the issue, and outline goals of the group.
  • Provide a clear statement of the group’s foreign policy or domestic policy issue
  • Include a detailed description of the group’s goal(s). Must include at least one goal but no more than three.
  • Discuss the organization of the group.
  • Group must be structured as a single-issue group (i.e., a group that focuses on one primary issue).
  • Provide a brief description of the group’s major leadership positions and their functions.
  • Include a description of the group’s general membership, including an approximate size and general demographic of membership (e.g., high income/lower income; urban/rural).
  • Outline the group’s strategies and tactics for success.
  • Describe one to three strategies that the group will use. A strategy is a general plan that will move the group toward success, such as using direct lobbying of policy makers or using the court system.
  • Describe two to three tactics that the group will use. A tactic is a specific action that works to make a strategy successful. See the table below to better understand how strategies and tactics relate.
Strategy Tactics (associated with specific strategy)
Direct lobbying of policy makers One-on-one meetings with policy makers
Testifying before Congressional Committee
Judicial system Using the federal court system to advance group objectives (e.g., filing court cases, filing amicus curiae briefs, petitioning the courts for injunctions)
Media Publishing information about your issue in media outlets
Encouraging the media to conduct and publicize poll results about your group’s issue
Grassroots lobbying Hosting mass protests in public spaces, such as the Mall in Washington, D.C., to call attention to your issue
Conducting an email and text campaign in which your group’s members email and text policy makers about your issue
  • Include a title slide.
  • Content slides need to meet the requirements listed below.
  • You should have a minimum of 10 slides, not counting the title slide, the references slide, or any slide only consisting of one or more photographs with no substantive text.
  • Include at least five photos in the presentation, but the photo(s) cannot be the only item(s) on a slide.
  • Include at least two charts or graphics.
  • Graphics and photos must be clear and cited.
  • Make certain to follow the recommendations for designing the presentation.
  • It is strongly recommended that the presentation be separated into clear sections.
  • Select a simple, uncluttered PowerPoint design theme.
  • The work should be the focus of the presentation—not the slide theme.
  • Use contrasting background and text for ease of reading (i.e., if using a dark background, use a light color text and vice versa).
  • Minimize the use of slide and transition animation as these can become distracting.

Must reference at least three scholarly sources, one of which can be your textbook. All in-text citations and references must be formatted in APA Style. All sources included in the presentation must be cited, including photos, graphics (e.g., tables, charts), video clips, and audio clips.

Requirements: minimum of 10 slides, not counting the title slide, the references slide, or any slide only consisting of one or more photographs with no substantive text.

I’ve included all the instructions

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™Media will play an important role in accomplishing the organization’s primary goal.

™™It will be the most significant strategy to foster public awareness. ™

™Direct lobbying will help fulfill core objectives for the group in each state (Mosley, Weiner-Davis, & Anasti, 2020).

™Cultivate comprehensive legislation on the issue.

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Child abuse



Requirements: 1 PAGE

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The above-listed resources outline the major causes of homeliness among young people aged between 16 and 24 years. This information is critical in addressing factors that cause the homeless among the selected population. Similarly, they also outline the groups of youths and adolescents that are more likely to experience homeliness. This information is critical in advocating for homeless youths or adolescents.

The provided information will be used to find a solution for homeless adolescents, especially those from Hispanic, black, and LGBT adolescents and those who did not complete their high school education. In addition, other parties like parents or guardians, educators, counselors, and legislators will be invited to listen to the adolescent’s and young adult’s problems.

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Violence and maltreatment

Two question 250-word essay only


Miller-Perrin, C. L, Perrin, R.D. & Renzetti, C.M.(2021).Violence and maltreatment in intimate relationships.(2nd edition).SAGE.ISBN: 9781544371085

This Case History is located in the course textbook – Chapter 3

Why would Kevin’s foster mother have such a different opinion of Kevin’s behavior compared to his birth mother? Do you believe Kevin’s behavior would change upon entering a foster home? Why or why not?

Requirements: 250 words only

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The Foster mother does not have any relation with Sam or Kevin’s mother and does not feel the need to protect them compared to Kevin’s mother. Kevin’s foster mother hence does not experience fear, guilt, or shame, ensuring that she has a clear and unbiased opinion about Kevin’s behavior. Kevin’s mother blames Kevin’s behavior, which she indicates is out of control, impacting her son’s opinion. Suppose Kevin is placed in a foster home. In that case, his behavior may change because he will not be constantly exposed and witness violence at home. This will build on his self-esteem, as he will have a trusted support system and a healthy relationship with his foster mother and contribute to his behavior changes.

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Violence and maltreatment

Children’s interviewees

In this assignment, you will conduct an Article Review of the professional journal article assigned in this module.

You will compose a written review that include (Article Review Assignment Worksheets):

  1. a brief summary of the article read
  2. list of important information learned from the article
  3. questions you have about the article
  4. how you will apply information from the article to your future work as a BCBA

Requirements: Normal

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information from participants. This concept is mainly applicable to children’s participants. It is critical to beware of the improper interview techniques that will result in incorrect responses. Suggestive questioning, influence, reinforcement, and punishment influence the accuracy of answers from children. For example, the reinforcement technique will invite a participant to speculate about the details of what might have occurred. Also, the structure of a question during the interview is crucial for consideration to ensure accuracy. Another important information is that some children provide inaccurate answers due to their sensitivity toward particular interviewers (Sparling et al., 2011). Therefore, an investigation on age-related differences should be conducted to establish the sensitivity to interviewer approaches.

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Children’s interviewees

Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study

Project – Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma


3) Your project should include, but is not limited to:

a) A factual summary of the ethical dilemma that the organization experienced;

b) the organization’s reaction to this dilemma.

c) how the organization’s reaction to the situation affected each of the major stakeholders in this situation. Include each stakeholder’s position in this case and their reaction;

d) your opinion as to whether the organization responded in the most ethical manner possible;

e) several alternative responses that the organization could have taken and the probable consequences of each;

f) what are the possible ethical theories that could be employed to guide the firm through the dilemma;

g) describe how the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders changed after this incident, if at all; etc.

4) It is recommended (optional) that teams visit the CBC with any questions that they have regarding the presentation of their project


Essay topic: Samsung’s Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study…

Just write the part of e and f.

Requirements: 4- pages

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Deontological theory is associated with the philosopher Immanuel Kant. It focuses primarily on duty stating that the morality of an action is solely based on the nature of the action regardless of the consequences. In this case, the decision is made in the best interests of the workers. Therefore, in Samsung’s case, child labor is unethical and unlawful since the theory focuses on the action rather than the consequences. Samsung company should have considered the rights of the employees working towards achieving the company’s success. This theory renders Samsung unethical for using a supplier who does not protect children’s rights by violating the labor laws and standards of the international labor laws.

Additionally, deontologists suggest that an action is considered right or wrong based on its compatibility with the socially accepted norms (Alexander & Moore, 2016). Child labor is

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Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study

Child’s cognitive development.

This type of paper focuses on persuading rather than informing your reader.

You will present one side of an issue or controversy or to form an opinion and support it using critical thinking and reliable source / evidence.


I have picked the topic. I will provide you the prompt shortly.

Below is my topic and the short paragraph to guide you about my topic.

I started watching videos on YouTube. I got to know Dr. Edward Tronick director of child development at Harvard University. I like his powerful experiment “Still Face Experiment” so much. The “Still Face Experiment” demonstrates how vulnerable children are to the emotional or non-emotional reactions of the people they are close to. Finally, I have decided to write an essay with the below title
Parents (also caregivers) should be always perfectly attuned and instantly responsive to a child.
I want to mention in my essay how deprivation of emotional nurture reduces white matter in
brain areas affecting cognition, emotion, attention, and executive function.

Attached is the prompt that you need to follow. It gives you information about how to write this paper, including examples, paragraphs contents.

I want an essay with not too many advanced words. Please keep it simple.what matters most is how well the prompt has been followed .

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The early stages of child development are critical in shaping the outcome of children as they grow into adults. The people close to them, like their parents and caregivers, influence how the children turn out to be in relation to their emotional stability, cognitive development, attention, and cognitive function. It is essential that the parents and the caregivers perfectly attune themselves and instantly respond to the children, not just when they need deprivation help or seek attention, but always observe the cues that indicate the need for help (Levitt & Eagleson, 2018). Children do not need attention when unwell, stressed, or in crisis; attention is paramount

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