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Causal Analysis: Hamlet Chicken Plant Fire

3 Pages OSHA Causal Analysis: Hamlet Chicken Plant Fire

For the Hamlet, N.C. Chicken Processing Plant fire, imagine yourself doing an accident investigation of the accident, write-up a description of the investigation. Note: You may fabricate (“make-up”) as many details as you need. Note: You don’t include the Initial Response phase of the investigation…..the scene has already been made safe and secured for the investigation.

The write-up should include:

  1. A description of the fact-finding activities you would do, with details about: the evidence you might collect, interviews you would conduct, and documents you would review.
  2. A listing of the facts you find.
  3. A “Why Tree” analysis of the facts you find, specifically listing the causal factors (direct causes, contributing causes, root causes)
  4. The recommendations you make for corrective action
    1. Note: Each root cause you identify must have at least one (1) recommendation for correction


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Answer preview

OSHA, which is the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has an established Root Causal Analysis (RCA) for carrying out accident investigation. The Hamlet Chicken Processing Plant that experienced a fire tragedy that experienced a series of inquiries. When developing accident reports through investigation, several factor analyses must be considered. They include fact-finding activities such as evidence collected, interviews made, and review of documents. Again, a listing of facts through the ‘Why Tree’ analysis of the causal factors must be established. The recommendations for corrective actions are also significant. As a result, this brief paper will develop an accident investigation description regarding the fire tragedy of the Chicken Processing Plant of Hamlet.(1039 words)