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challenges  luck apply to moral philosophy

According to Thomas Nagel, what challenges does the subject of luck apply to moral philosophy

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Moral philosophy tries to examine the things that are wrong and those that are right in human actions. As a result, it helps people to choose how they want to spend their time on earth by doing good or wrong things to others. To incorporate moral philosophy in day-to-day life, people have to answer questions concerning morality as a whole, moral dilemmas, and ethical practical framework. Generally, moral philosophy is concerned with urging people to observe a high level of ethical life. For example, living harmoniously with other people in the workplace is a product of good morals, while conflict is a product of bad morals. Based on this example, it is true that morality is evaluated based on what people do. However, the idea of moral luck, as presented by Thomas Nagel, challenges what moral philosophers know about morality. That is, the concept of moral luck does not conform to the fact that morality is evaluated based on what people are capable of doing.

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