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Clinical prevention

Clinical prevention


Discuss the question using 2 APA citation reference within 5 years with nursing content.

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2. Identify a clinical prevention intervention of fall and patient safety that has been implemented to promote health and wellness for the geriatric population with which you are familiar. Have these clinical prevention interventions been successful? Why or why not?


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Patients’ falls are reported more frequently in most hospitals than any other event and account for about 40% of all negative events (Seppala et al., 2018). Healthcare professionals are mandated to manage, identify, and eliminate various hazards that have the potential to cause patient falls. Falls are more common among the aged population who mainly live in nursing homes. This is because they suffer from age-related problems that alter their walking style and take medications that interfere with their minds. One of the commonly used clinical prevention interventions of fall and safety among geriatric patients is minimizing or withdrawing different psychoactive medications.  It is estimated that about 72% of individuals aged fifty-five years and above use one or more drugs (Del Carmen Panini et al., 2017) These drugs are known to cause Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) as a result of their cognitive impairment, comorbidities, social settings and psychological changes among others. Psychoactive medications modify functioning hence altering one’s mood, perception, cognition, consciousness, and behavior. Even though medication use among the aged population is one of the major risk factors that lead to falls, it can be easily modified, leading to reduced levels of falls and injuries.(603words)