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Cloud computing

Discussion Question 3


Use the following materials to examine the current state of cloud computing:

By now, it is a safe assumption that techies and non-techies alike have heard of cloud computing and its associated benefits: cost savings, increased efficiency, improved agility, opportunities for growth and innovation, and so on.

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  • Discuss a strategy for implementing a cloud solution.
  • Examine the possible innovations that cloud computing has yet to realize in organizations.
  • Provide at least three recommendations that you could suggest to a CEO that would invoke disruptive change to an organization.

Requirements: 1 OR 2 Pages

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Over the years, cloud computing has become more prominent in business and individual lives globally. Cloud computing has become a must-have tech for every enterprise (Bartoletti, 2018). There are several factors to consider while adopting cloud computing while noting that there is room for more incredible benefits to be presented with this type of technology. one effective strategy when adopting cloud computing is prioritizing business or individual needs. Parties need to identify the main areas of preference that they wish to transition first into the cloud (Varghese & Buyya, 2018). Prioritization helps individuals and organizations maintain effectiveness in cloud computing, minimizing waste and allowing room for adjustments when necessary.