College Success

College Success

What challenges might present themselves when taking an online test? List four challenges and four strategies for working through them.

Critical Thinking Guidelines (in addition to the ones listed below):

1. Please divide into 4 paragraphs – one for each challenge and the solution for that challenge.

2. Remember to cite from where you obtain your information. It is unlikely you can develop 4 challenges, and suggestions to overcome, without outside help. This needs to be cited in the text AND at the end

250+ words and reference in the bottom

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Tests are critical in determining a student’s college success since they evaluate the level of knowledge at a given time. An online test is one type of test used in colleges and is used in formative assessments. This type of testing allows fast feedback to students and increases the number of exams an instructor can grade in a short period. One challenge that might be present when taking an online test is test anxiety. Test anxiety is a psychological condition that impedes the effectiveness of one’s memory to recall specific concepts in an online test and affect higher thinking skills. Spending some time before starting an online test to relax the body is one strategy to solve test anxiety when taking an online test. The relaxation can include taking a deep breath for two minutes.(348 words)