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Communicating Research


Topic 1: Communicating Research

What are some possible ways you can communicate your research findings?

Topic 2: Considering the Audience

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What do you need to consider when communicating to different audiences?

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Research Finding is considered as the key outcomes of the research project. However, it shows a summarization of what is the purpose of the project. Moreover, it entails the totality of outcomes instead of the findings or recommendations taken from the project. Effective ways to communicate is crucial when presenting a research finding. It involves various steps namely publishing research findings in scholarly websites, establishing presentations at local and national professional conferences, writing dissertations, using verbal information at regional meetings, and presenting in educational forums. First, most students and scholars upload academic and scholarly information on scholarly websites such as Scopus, Google Scholar, and PubMed (Babayemi et al., 2017). When the researcher publishes his or her research findings on these websites, many people can access the information. Secondly, the researcher, in collaboration with educational institutions, can plan and organize conferences. These conferences create a platform for presenting the research findings. More specifically, writing of dissertations research papers is a mandatory requirement before completion of postgraduate studies.  After submissions, dissertation papers are stored in the university library, catalogs, and eBooks leading to easy access by many students and the overall public. Lastly, the researcher, through local meetings, can convey research findings in a simplistic language. (438words)