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Communication Skills for leaders

Communication Skills for leaders U2

  • Define four of the five leadership approaches. Give a real-life scenario or example for each approach.
  • Illustrate three of the six ways of communicating supportive verbal messages. Provide a real-life example for each illustration.
  • Describe four of the eight nonverbal messages. Provide a real-life example for each illustration.
  • Describe the concept of organizational culture. Include how organizational culture can be used to effectively lead and what factors can contribute to that culture.


– Present three of the five types of organizational power. Provide a description of each type, a real-life example or scenario of a person with that power, as well as any potential abuses of that power.


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Leadership approaches include Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez-Faire, and Transformational leadership. Autocratic leadership refers to a style of leadership where leaders take full control of the organization’s decision-making process and leave subordinates with little or no input to the organization’s decisions. A good example of an autocratic leadership approach is that of Adolf Hitler, who was a German politician. According to Buckley (2017), Hitler never listened to anyone’s advice. He made all the decisions by himself. Democratic leadership is an approach of leadership that allows subordinates to contribute to decision making. Subordinates bring ideas, and the leader evaluates those ideas to make the final decision. A real-world example of democratic leadership is teamwork. In teams, every employee comes up with an idea, and the leader uses those ideas to make decisions.(1320words)