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community health assessment analysis

what are the criteria you will use to guide and determine the prioritization process upon community health assessment analysis.

Using the Tool Kit in the learning materials, describe from the set of criteria you will use to guide and determine the prioritization process upon community health assessment analysis.

Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook.

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Defining the community is the criteria I would use to guide and determine the community health assessment analysis’s prioritization process. This would present comprehensive information about health status, needs, and issues that require prioritization to address the needs. This criterion aims to specify the geographic focus and identify population characteristics in that geographic area. This helps to determine appropriate implementation strategies and scope of assessment.  In this step, I would describe the geographic limitations, which is a crucial component. The hospital would be the standing point to refer to other geographic points in the community. The description would include cities, counties, schools, or any other public landmark that can be can be in the community. The other crucial component I would consider is identifying population groups in the community. The component would entail identifying and analyzing educational levels, income, gender, sexual orientation, among others. As Krishnaswamy and Ross-Viles (2020) note, reviewing sectors such as social, economic, or political changes that influence a community is essential since it helps acquire comprehensive information that would be used to prioritize resource implementation in community health assessment. Thus, I would focus on these aspects to have a clear picture of the community in question.

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