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Comparative and Argumentative Essay

Tittle: Comparative and Argumentative Essay
Choose Topic: English
Select number of pages: 4
Question Description: “There is a common saying that a job is who you are. Jobs have emerged as a theme in a number of stories we have read in this class. Choose two of the stories from the list below, and write an essay that advances an argument about how the protagonists find self-identity and value in their jobs, or struggle with the limitations and constraints of their jobs”. Make sure your essay gives equal attention to both stories and Your essays should take the form of analysis rather than description.Your essay should present a sustained argument that is well written, well structured, and evidence driven, drawing specific examples from the stories and critical thinking. MLA style and no plagiarism.
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            Most of the time, people spend most of their time working more than when they spend eating, sleeping, playing, or even resting.  For most people, a job defines their class and identity. Society connects individuals with the type of job they do. The community members equally highly respect people working in highly ranked jobs. Conversely, people doing low ranked jobs do not gain highly recognized status than their counterparts working in a highly recognized job. The topic of how people derive a sense of identity has gained wide recognition from different authors.  Some authors argue that people derive fulfillment in the job that they do.  Individuals derive a sense of identity from comparison with others whom why share or differ in features. Through work, people can find identity, status, wealth, or intellectual stimulation, enabling them to buy comfort. From Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest, and Brokeback Mountain readings, a job is one of the main topics addressed. Therefore, this article will evaluate how the protagonist in both stories find self-identity and value in their jobs or struggle with the limitations and constraints of their jobs. Although jobs give individuals a sense of self-identity, both Marie and Jack abhors work in their respective jobs.


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