Complementary and Alternative in nursing

Complementary and Alternative in nursing

1.Discuss the focus and goals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the concepts that are the basis of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases.

2. What is Curanderismo and how will the knowledge of this cultural healing tradition make you a more culturally sensitive nurse?

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) refers to a medical system used by conventional medicine doctors to diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases. However, the main focus of TCM is to maintain the Ying-Yang balance hence improving the health and preventing sickness. Moreover, it also focuses on balancing the body, spirit, and mind to facilitate Qi’s restoration and good health. According to Tang et al. (2018), Qi is the primary vital energy that circulates throughout the body at all times. More specifically, the primary goals of TCM are on improving an individual’s cognitive health, restore body balance and harmony, prevent the infection of diseases and prolong life. To achieve these goals, traditional medical practitioners applied various treatment TCM therapies such as Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Moxibustion, massage, physical exercise, meditation, Chinese nutrition, and tongue analysis.