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Assignment: Develop 1-2 page guide on your experience with downloading and surfing the web using Tor. The guide is meant for the average user with no knowledge of the gateway. Your guide should include the below:

1. Title page

3. Answer to below questions:

What is Tor and how it works?

Discuss Tor Hops and provide a screenshot for each of the following: visit 3 different sites, 1) college or University, 2) a restaurants, 3) a major corporation. How are the hops similar or different?

What are the benefits and limitations of the Tor network?

4. Define and explain content types or topics encountered while using Tor or during class demo.

5. Explain usefulness to public and private sectors including the average citizen.

6. Use 12 pt font, times new roman, 1-inch margins all around

7. Submit in word or pdf format only

please make it look clear and simple and don’t use scholarly articles (use articles found on google so that it does not look sophisticated)

and for the part in bold and underlined I will do the screenshots and I attached the template

Requirements: 1-2 pages   |   .doc file

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Tor is software that allows users to communicate or access online content anonymously. When someone access Tor, the data is first bundled through encryption as it enters the Tor network. Unlike regular internet, Tor encrypts the information about the user’s actual address. The encrypted data is then routed through multiple Tor relays before being sent to its destination. When a relay receives the encrypted data, it decrypts it before sending it to the destination. This way, it becomes hard for someone to locate the address or location of the person who sent the message.