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Conflict Analysis Paper

Conflict Analysis Paper

This assignment is a field research project in which you apply course concepts to a “real world” dispute. You will have the opportunity to improve your analytic skills, deepen your understanding of conflict, and gain hands-on experience with research.

This essay has two parts— The draft AND the complete essay

* Draft Due December 5th (This draft must be at least 7 pages long. It may be rough, such as missing transitions or awkward phrasing, but must include all the major parts of the paper (e.g., analysis and suggestions).

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* Essay Due December 8th

So I must receive the Draft before December 5th. it is 7 pages at least, and all instruction are in the world document.

here are additional course materials, they might be useful to apply the 3 focus

Answer preview

Interpersonal conflicts are conflicts that involve more than two people. Karthikeyan & Thomas (2017) posits that workplace conflict is due to differing perspectives on issues. According to Gigol (2019), conflicts in the workplace result from underlying reasons, and they involve superiors and subordinates or people of the same status in the company. Even though they are normal, conflicts consume a lot of time, but they cannot be wholly eliminated. Conflicts result from the incompatibility of ideas or personalities, but they can sometimes arise from disagreements on shared resources. According to Lawless & Trif (2016), workplace conflicts result from frustration and even decreased work performance. Since these workplace conflicts affect an organization’s productivity, it is imperative to resolve them for better productivity.