Confucius’ thoughts and Taoist thoughts.

1. A comparison between Confucius’ thoughts and Taoist thoughts in Classic China.

The essay should follow the very basic format: an introduction, a set of arguments to support your opinion or present your comparative points, and a conclusion. (It is obvious to me that most of the essays relied too much on the Internet sources often neglect the use of such a format.)

You can certainly use materials from other sources, including sources from the Internet, but make sure you are introducing Hindu traditions and the comparison of Classical Chinese thoughts in their proper time periods. You must make proper judgments as to what materials and views should be included in your writings in your research.

The paper should be of two or three pages of length, typed in a double space and font 12 format, and having footnote/endnote been properly displayed.

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Taoism and Confucius` philosophical thoughts have opposing views on religion and politics but stem from similar goals and hold similar beliefs. Despite the two classical thoughts in China arising simultaneously, Confucius thought was founded by Confucius and is centered on human virtues and ethics to maintain social order. In contrast, Taoism was founded by Laozu and is centered on individual life aligning with nature (Weiming, 2019).  From the comparison, Taoist thought holds the belief that life ought to align with natural setting since it already exists in order and harmony. In contrast, Confucius` thought embraces the belief of human dignity and virtues to bring social order. Similarly, Taoist thought embraces religion and practice, such as the cultivation of bodily energy (Chi) and many gods, while Confucius holds on humanness to maintain order.  Taoist and Confucius’ thoughts embrace opposing views on religion, beliefs, and social-political perspective and nurturing of self in the society but stem from a common goal of maintaining order. (982words)