Cybersecurity Planning and management

Discussion-Cybersecurity Planning and management

It is important to understand that humans and technology interact in all information systems. Why do you feel businesses must spend time and money to educate their employees on security matters?

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Security matters are one of the main challenges that organizations struggle with when dealing with information systems hence the need to train employees on security protocols. Staff members within an institution play a crucial role in ensuring security is maintained. Empowering the personnel about information systems enhances a company’s ability to promote cyber safety. Besides, employees are the key components that I interact with systems; thus, the lack of sufficient knowledge and qualification could result in cybercrimes. Cybersecurity cannot be achieved by an organization if workers are not expertly trained since they are the targets for system breaches. A workforce that is poorly informed on the measures of safeguarding information systems is likely to fall into traps for malicious sites (Trim and Upton, 2016). It is because they are not aware; thus, such suspicious sites are tactics used by cyber attackers. As a result, it jeopardizes the organization’s critical information since all private and confidential matters are exposed to security threats, which can be catastrophic for the company.(340 words)