Cybersecurity Planning &management

Assignment- Cybersecurity Planning &management

What is most important is that you use YOUR OWN WORDS to summarize the news article. It is essential that you do not copy text directly from the Internet. Plagiarism is unacceptable. You can easily avoid this by rephrasing the contents and summarizing it using your own words.……

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The advancing technology has induced so many cyberattacks today, making cybersecurity planning and management an essential principle in the organization. A cyberattack on EasyJet developed news articles on CNET and other publications globally. The article’s title was, “EasyJet Says Cyberattack Exposed Data of 9 Million Customers,” reported by Katie Collins. The CNET article was published on May 19, 2020. In analyzing this article from this global news publication, the cyberattack targeted EasyJet clients accessing their client identifiers. They include email addresses, credit card details, and travel plans. After the attack, the England based company, EasyJet, initiated a cybersecurity control, which is part of cybersecurity planning and management(320words)