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Digital Forensics tools

Assignment : Digital Forensics tools

Use the web or other resources to research at least two criminal or civil cases in which recovered files played a significant role in how the case was resolved

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            One of the criminal cases in which digital forensics played a crucial role in resolving it is the Matt Baker case in January 2010. The ex-pastor from Texas was sentenced to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife (ABC news 2010). Firstly, it was established that his wife had committed suicide from sleeping pills overdose. However, months after the case was reopened after evidence emerged, bringing light to the investigations. The victims’ parents recovered information from a laptop drive handed by the youth centre computer server where he served. The data revealed that Matt Baker had searched overdosing on sleeping pills and viewed various pharmaceutical sites before his wife’s death. Also, the computer’s search history indicated that the offender had looked for pornographic sites for married people who wanted to have affairs. It brought light to the digital forensic investigators that Matt Baker slipped pills for his wife and wrote the note to insinuate suicide.(342words)

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