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Research the different terms for person’s with Intellectual Disabilities and explain how words impact societal views .

2nd Part

Stop Ableism

AbleismResearch the following website and develop 3 ways that you can fight ableism in your world.

Look throughout the website including the various tabs. There are many good ideas and articles

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Persons with disabilities are labeled using different terms that impact societal views about a person’s ability and worth. In general, persons with disabilities are referred to as disabled, wheelchair-users, or deformed persons (Grech, 2009).  Persons with intellectual disabilities are labeled explicitly as persons with learning disabilities and persons with cognitive impairment. The terms are used to imply that the persons have mild, average, severe, or profound intelligence quotient. The labels impact societal views of such people to subjects with increased dependence and limited achievement. That is, the individuals are perceived to have limitations in their capabilities, abilities, and worth.(401words)