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Discussion: The Starry Night

Discussion: The Starry Night

Post-impressionism is a term not easily defined, but Van Gogh is a transitional figure who emerges out of impressionism and signals the enormous changes to come in the twentieth century. Here we have the famous “Starry, Starry, Night.” It is interesting to think that so many see this as a beautiful, happy image of the world, while many art critics see it has a dark view of the world. Which do you see and why?

Also, find another Van Gogh which uses either color, brushstroke, subject, or symbol (think of the dead tree in the foreground as a possible example) in a similair way?

you don’t have write too much. 250-400 words.

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The Starry Night painting by Van Gogh represents a beautiful and happy image of the world due to its timelessness and unique representation of the universe. The incorporation of dark colors, where blue dominates and the sky’s blending, presents an illuminating effect and uniqueness of nature. The white color and yellow outlook draw eyes to the beauty of the sky. The turbulent strokes rolling around the stars and the moon, the bending of the cypress branches, and the town’s representation with rigid lines that interrupt the strokes’ flow present a beautiful and happy image of the world (Richardson et al. 2017). In other words, the painting shows the beauty and an optimistic image of the world by bridging nature and the unnaturalness of the buildings. Despite the painting being drawn from Van Gogh’s imagination than what is seen, this piece is remarkable for representing the world’s uniqueness and beauty.