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Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic Violence Statistics

Review the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence webpage on Domestic Violence Statistics: Prevalence of Domestic Violence (Links to an external site.) which gives statistics among various categories of race, age, gender, ethnic background, etc. After reviewing this article, post a statement of how the role of the human service professional can be effective in this situation. What was your personal reaction to the vast array of statistics for this crisis?

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Domestic violence consists of actions that perpetrators use to control their intimate partners in an abusive manner. Today, cases of violence among partners have become prevalent. For example, 10 million adults encounter domestic violence every year (, 2020). Such victims may have a hard time coping with domestic violence experiences. Therefore, human service professionals should exercise their roles and help the victims of domestic violence. Human service professionals are social workers, and their goal is to assist people who need help. They can provide counseling to the victim of sexual violence to help them cope with a traumatic experience. Immediately after the case of domestic is reported, it is not safe for the victim to continue staying with their oppressors. Therefore, human service professionals can arrange temporary housing for the victims waiting for court trials. Besides, they should assist victims of domestic violence to seek justice.


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