Dracula’s portrayal of vampirism

How does Dracula’s portrayal of vampirism as a disease reflect humanity’s fear of contagion and our current pandemic?

This essay will require substantial research, which may include scholarly sources that specifically address themes in Dracula, historical research that puts the book in context, and research on contemporary issues. You must include cited information (quotation and paraphrase) from at least 2 sources + Dracula. Your research will involve both primary and secondary sources.

  • Primary Sources include original literary texts and works of art (novels, short stories, poetry, films, etc.), as well as any historical documents from the time period in which the work was created (letters, diary entries, news articles, etc.), and contemporary news articles.
  • Secondary Sources include scholarly books and articles about the literary work, historical information written after the time period in question, and any work that includes researched material in its writing.
  • Focus on the question provided above to write the essay and relater the both in research essay format

I basically need a comparison research essay between Dracula(the vampire book) and the current pandemic with article sources

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            Dracula’s portrayal of vampirism presents vampire tactics that open up the body for infection. The metamorphosis and control it exerts on characters in the novel, including Jonathan Harker, Renfield, Mina, and Lucy, show the infectious effect of vampirism. This reflects the current Covid-19 pandemic due to its inside out effects that take to fourteen days to blossom. Dracula’s portrayal of vampirism and the current Covid 19 pandemic are similar in the need for awareness of the prevalence of vampires and coronavirus,  unevenness in the vulnerability of both vampirism and coronavirus, and inability to detect one is infected by both viruses.