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1 page single spaced about E-business

Write at least one page about E-business. If you can write about what it is and write about the different parts of e business and anything about it. Must use APA citations. Example would be (Author last name, year of the article). Must also make a reference page that is APA style as well. It can be longer than a page but a page is the minimum.

Make sure to proofread your work thoroughly.

Answer preview

E-business refers to any business activity that shares information through the internet. It primarily depends on using Information and Communication Technology to facilitate its entire operations. The participants who engage in e-business include businesses, consumers, and Administration, where all of them can either become the buyer or seller. However, the majority of people confuse the similarities and differences between e-commerce and e-business. E-commerce refers to a platform used to buy and sell goods and services online, focusing on one broad aspect of e-business (Bi et al., 2017). The main difference is that e-business deals with the buying and selling of products. It facilitates business processes such as manufacturing and operations, inbound and outbound logistics, customer service, marketing, and sales via internal or external networks within the value chain.

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