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Effective Message Strategy Reflection

Effective Message Strategy Reflection


Write 150 word or less reflection on the commercial answering the following question.

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What is the your interpretation and opinion of the message that is being communicated in the commercial?

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The commercial ‘Dove Real Beauty Sketches’ was effective in showing women’s insecurities about how they look and that they are beautiful at their natural state. The commercial aims to explore the reason women purchase products to change their look, which is to look beautiful. The commercial is effective even without discussing the product offered since it is objective in addressing clients` interests and needs. The messaging strategy used emotional since it aims at managing the emotions of the audience. Also, the advertising appeal used is emotional. According to Teichert et al. (2018), emotional appeals are effective in commercials since they evoke purchase intentions. In the ad, the advertising appeal is effective since, after the two sketches, the client’s emotions are evoked (Dove US, 2013, 00:2:13-00:2:40). I think this is the right hook for such commercial objectives since it achieves the goals of persuading the clients. (215 words)