Effective school leadership

Read the attached article and respond to the two questions below. each question should be 1 page each.

1. Describe four ways school counselors can be leaders at their school site

2. Explain the necessary collaboration between school counselors and other educators on a school site

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Effective school leadership is often a hybrid approach, bringing together collaborative and transformative leadership styles. In line with this, when SCs are fulfilling their leadership responsibilities, they should endeavor to collaborate with other educators at their school sites. Collaboration often benefits the school because it helps all stakeholders work towards achieving a common or shared goal (Tang et al., 2021). Furthermore, collaborative leadership will create ownership and build expertise and confidence while supporting the attainment of a school’s vision (Tang et al., 2021). When SCs work with other educators, they create a positive working environment, engagement, and synergy that cannot be found in individual ventures (Tang et al., 2021). Collaborative school leadership has a positive impact on students’ academic success. People often believe that school leadership is a responsibility that should be shouldered solely by a principal or administrator (Tang et al., 2021). As the years passed, other stakeholders, such as educators and coaches, slowly assumed leadership responsibilities. Despite these transformations, school counselors are rarely perceived as leaders at school sites (Tang et al., 2021).

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Effective school leadership