Electronic Medical Record

Develop a one-page infographic presentation containing a list of steps of implementation of TECHNOLOGY (EMR-EPIC) in NURSING HOMES facility.

Be sure to Cite your resources using 5 APA resources on a separate page

Follow the below instructions to create your Infographic page.

Infographic Component of Project Purpose: To verbally and visually represent the data to help others to clearly understand the information you would like to present. Infographics aim to allow the reader to draw conclusions.

Audience: Your audience for this infographic is broader and more general.

Target: Change makers at your facility (To ensure proper documentation and patient care)


  1. Explore online to see various infographics. Become familiar with what infographics are and what they look like.
    1. A good basic overview of the history and use of information graphics is available on Wikipedia (Links to an external site.).
    2. Check out examples of what are considered to be “good” and “bad” infographics.
    3. Become a content expert on your topic. Do thorough research on your topic.
  2. Plan the “story” your Infographic will tell. Draw a rough sketch of the infographic. The infographic must have a beginning, middle, and end. Consider developing a concept map, flow diagram, or wireframe to depict your infographic plan.
  3. Think visual:
    1. Identify ways to convert text to images. Try to convert as much of your data and text as possible into visual imagery by using charts, graphs, diagrams, maps, flowcharts, and other elements.’
    2. The visual approach you want helps you determine the color scheme, font types, and structure. Keep things simple with only 2 or 3 fonts, sizes, and colors.
  4. Create your infographic using the Piktochart website (Links to an external site.).
  5. Go back and reconsider the knowledge you are trying to convey. Be sure that your analysis and insight into the data are represented to tell the story so that the intended message(s) are communicated.
  6. Ensure that there are no grammatical or typographical errors. Be sure to Cite your resources using 5 APA resources

Requirements: 2 page

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The EMR implementation process entails the planning step and procedures health professionals should follow cooperating with specialists to transform clients’ charts/documents into digital forms (Noraziani et al., 2013). The steps include;

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Electronic Medical Record