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film Bulworth

you need to know the film Bulworth

After watching the film Bulworth, answer the following question:

Choose one specific scene from the film Bulworth and discuss how that scene represents the White Patriarchal Capital System. Be specific in your answer!

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The capital system introduced a new way of governance where some people receive acknowledgment while others do not. It is based on competition as one party tries to show that it is more worth than the other. The white patriarchal capital system means a situation where white people, especially men, dominates society by degrading other cultures. As a result, minority groups are vulnerable to punishments more often than the White American’s culture. After watching, Bulworth film, the scene that demonstrates the white patriarchal capital system is the one where a police officer is forced by the senator Bulworth to apologize to black youths after assaulting them. In this scene, a white police officer openly demonstrates his racism when he gets out of the car and assaults an African American boy. When the boy responds, the police officer becomes angry and continue to molest the boy before the senator Bulworth comes to rescue the boy (Beatty, 1998).