Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations

HCAD 640 Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations: WK 12

Instructions: Please answer using your own words in a minimum of 400 words PER QUESTION Referenced with four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles or qualified text publish within the past five years and follow APA Manual 7th editions scholarly writing guidelines. When writing replies, please provide your experiences, new ideas, add probing questions and new literature on the topic to enhance the learning opportunity.


12.1 Looking to the Future

Unlike the other weeks’ discussions, for this week, first, take the time to review at least one (1) of the four HFMA topic areas presented in this week’s s content and discuss your perceptions, suggestions, ideas, or inspiration drawn from the material. In your conversation, consider how finance is related to the topic. For example, can technology decrease the cost of care? Another example might be to examine what sort of financial implications consumerism might require health care leaders to deliberate? Where appropriate, reach beyond the HFMA materials and bring in other resources that pertain to your chosen topic. Upload the link(s) and then draft a short response (2-3 paragraphs) that discusses why you found the link valuable or interesting.


Attached is the reading material. You can also use other resources that you deem fitting to assist with the answering the question

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The changes in healthcare have triggered healthcare organizations to look for strategic ways of improving the services offered to patients. These organizations have ventured into mergers and acquisitions, influenced policies on payment reforms, and innovations that help in transforming health (Hegwer, 2016). Transformative innovations in the healthcare market are unavoidable because they part of the growth in health organizations.