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Gender and Leadership

Gender and Leadership

Literature on leadership today describes sets of skills or traits that leaders should have, and actions that should be taken to be effective. Explain what skills and traits are useful for successful leaders. Present your position as to whether the skills or traits used in the workplace should be, or are, different for men or women.

Imagine that you work for a company that is planning to expand to Sweden or Brazil. How might your expectations of gender and leadership change based on the new culture in Sweden and in Brazil? How might your expectations remain the same?


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-one to two pages required.

-two to three references along with citation required.

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Leadership is a combination of roles, obligations, behaviors, attitudes, and skills that enable an individual to bring out the best in others and, more so, the best in their organization. There are various traits and skills possessed by leaders, which they demonstrate in their line of duty. They include communication, decisiveness, creativity, and innovation, problem-solving, team building, and trustworthiness.