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Green spirit of capitalism

what is the new green spirit of capitalism?

E-response 2 (Please use the upload document as only reference)

According to Goldstein, what is the new green spirit of capitalism? What implications do you think it has for both environmental sustainability and the sustainability of capitalism? What do you think Schumpeter would make of it?

Requirements: .doc file | MLA | Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced

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According to Goldstein, the green spirit of capitalism calls for entrepreneurs to adopt and exploit the emerging cleantech market for the environmental benefit (Goldstein, 2018). Goldstein was a vigilant proponent of a green capitalistic society. Through his book planetary improvement, he avails critical environmental evaluations of capitalism. Cleantech entails environmentally friendly technology and ways in which such clean technology is entrenched within a new investment venture that seeks to fuse environmental capitalism with environmentalist ethics.