Health care disparities gap in the LGBTQ community

Discuss how to close the health care disparities gap in the LGBTQ community?

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Once such information is available, health care professionals can better care for members of this community (Gahagan & Subirana-Malaret, 2018). One of the major reasons accessing care is quite challenging for LGBTQ individuals is the lack of cultural competency, especially amongst health care professionals (Aleshire et al., 2019). Such a phenomenon often results in health care professionals letting bias and misconceptions related to this community affect how they interact with and care for LGBTQ patients. In addition, since members of this community are aware that health care professionals hold such biases, they will often refrain from informing healthcare professionals that they belong to this community (Aleshire et al., 2019). When this happens, accessing personalized, safe, and high-quality care will be challenging, an aspect that affects their health and outcomes. To prevent such outcomes, health care organizations should introduce diversity training for their health care professionals

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Health care disparities gap in the LGBTQ community