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Health Care Policy DQ3 Week 4 ……

Select the state where you plan to practice as a nurse practitioner and/or nurse leader and investigate the state’s policies on access to maternal health resources such as contraceptive care including abortion for women with and without health insurance coverage. Identify what are the state’s infant and maternal mortality rates and discuss the possible relationship between these factors.

I plan to practice in Florida..

all discussion posts must be minimum 300 words, references must be cited in APA format 6th Edition, and must include minimum of 2 scholarly resources published within the past 5-7 years.

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Health insurance policies cover most women’s health services in most states. However, some states put restrictions on some of the health services. In Florida, all women have access to maternal care, such as abstinence counseling. Priority is to low priority families, where they are given services based on their household income. Women with health insurance coverage get access to contraceptive methods and counseling that are approved by FDA. However, health insurance plans do not cover some maternal health care services such as abortion (Phadke, Pedreiro, Boesch, & Ahmed, 2018). An exemption is given when pregnancy occurred after incest or rape or in a life endangerment case. Otherwise, women with or without health coverage must pay abortion costs with out-of-pocket money.